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Tetris is back, play this awesome classic arcade game where you should try to place the blocks so that it doesn't become any spaces. If you place the blocks right they will disappear which gives you space for failure. I say failure I mean if you misplace the blocks that will take place on your arena which is really bad in the long-term. That's why I suggest that you are carefull and exact when you place the blocks. One miss click and prevent success. Actually there is no success in meaning of wining and moving on to the next level. Because In Tetris the game is a loop. It will never end, the game keeps going until you fail. This means being precise from the very start of Tetris can prevent a failure later on in the game. This is why I can't tell enuf times that being precise is the number 1 quality in Tetris. But also the time is important factor. Because the blocks and falling down wether you like it or not. You can just slow it down or make go faster. So that's why you have to be quick reading where the blocks should be played. A couple of seconds thinking can damage the whole thing. And as beginning failing the blocks will begin assemble with eachother. Which will give you less and less time to place the block. Creating a vicious circle. This is why you never want to fall behind. Don't let your little brother in to your room ;). challenge your friends to reach the highest score in Tetris. Become the best Tetris player among your friends. This game is an old game who people back in 90's used to play. One of the first Arcade games ever created was Tetris. A simple game but a lot of fun. We at Playnowforfree.com are proud to this classic game on the site. Happy Playing!


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