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Run 2
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Run 2

Run 2 is a game where you should try to jump run and jump between different walls. Try to not fall down because if you do then you will lose. You can play on different levels. As you advance in Run 2 you will meet harder and harder situations. After a while the levels are insane in Run 2. You have to have fast reaction to avoid falling in Run 2. This is why a lot of players don't manage to win the game. Actually I don't if you know if you can win Run 2. I don't know any one who have won the game. There is just so many levels to know if there is any end of Run 2. That's what I like about this game. You have to many levels so that you never have to run out of levels. Did you get my joke? Run out of levels? Hehe I think that was funny. Apparently my coworkers didn't :(. Thought it was bad, like really bad... What a disappointment. Well it was kinda dry. I agree with that. But you can't tell me I didn't hehe. I don't know what I'm talking about right now. I'm watching a family guy an episode about Stewie moving in with Brian. Stewie are paying half of Brians rent. Because Brian can't afford it. But he will soon regret it because Jilly I think that's how you spell it I don't know... But she breaks up with Brian because Brian told her that he actually never wanted to move in with her. This wouldn't come out if Stewie never moved in and had such a big mouth. But what can you do when your buddy is paying the rent. You own him. That's it you can't just let your little brother down. Well they aren't brothers but family but you get it. Back to the game I think Run 2 is a fun game. A big challenge that's for sure. I would recommend this game to people who like challenges and are fast at reactions and with keys on the computer. Be happy playing now playing Run 2


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