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Playing with fire 2
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Playing with fire 2

Playing with fire 2 is the second "Playing with fire" game with new levels. Playing with fire 2 is a bomberman game where you should try to kill the other players before the time runs out. Use the arrows to move player 1. Use the ^¨~ key to place a bomb Use the ASDW keys to move player 2. Use the ½§ key to place a bomb. This game is an old classic game. People back in the days use to play. In Playing with fire 2 you have to be fast. You have to kill the others with bombs before they do it to you. Dropping bombs may risk that you get stuck with the bomb. Often players use to kill them self more often than killing the other players. This is why some people try to play it safe or as some people call it "Playing it safe". But in the end you have to kill someone. Well actually you don't. Like I said you wait until it's just you and him/her and then play it safe like you did earlier. Because the other player is properly trying to do his best for killing you. He may think that you will try to kill him as well. There for he don't make up plans for how he should eliminate you. Instead he uses rational strategies to kill you. Which can lead to him killing himself. If you play it cool. Stay out of his bomb range. So you don't die by his bombs. But using this strategy I just told you will probably not work in the long-term. Therefor I highly suggest that you learn how to kill someone by your own bombs and not someone elses. If you have already been playing the old game, Playing with fire 2 will not be a challenge for a person like you. The only difference is that isn't better quality if you can say so. I mean the graphic is not the best on either of them. Old game as mention earlier ;). But seriously Playing with fire 2 is a bit harder because of "some" new features. But otherwise Playing with fire 2 is quite the same game. Happy killing to all of you Playing with fire 2 fans!

Use the arrows to move player 1. Use the ^¨~ key to place a bomb Use the ASDW keys to move player 2. Use the ½§ key to place a bomb

  • Awesomegamer

    Awesome game! I really love you for adding this game. I love your website 🙂



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