Panzer ops

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Panzer ops
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Panzer ops

Destroy the other tanks and do whatever it takes to survive, you got different tanks so choose from in Panzer ops. You are alone and have to take down every tank that comes across your aim. They are all enemies and you are all alone in Panzer ops, no one in can help you. Your mother is not here you have to deal with this all by your own. But to your help you have a big damn tank with health as 20 tanks. Don't be scared you will get through this because this is Panzer ops. You move with the up, down, left and right keys. You move your aim sight with your mouse and shot by left clicking in Panzer ops. You will come across different obstacles that may distract you from the real enemy but be wise your target is to eliminate the other tanks and that's the goal. Don't fail you don't want you let your officer down do you? Well I wouldn't for sure. You will be able to buy new weapons for the money you’re earned by killing and destroying tanks. You even get money for killing and smashing objects in your way. Like cars if you so like. But sometimes cars and objects can be useful for protection against the tanks. You will always be able to spot the bullets that are flying right towards you. You can dodge the bullets by hiding behind the cars. Making the car taking the hit. But a car can only take one or two hits before it destroys. So I would suggest to only use it as a hiding weapon as you shot against the other tanks but don't you worry you will learn all of this as you begin playing Panzer ops. Let the fight begin


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