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Moto X3M 2
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Moto X3M 2

This awesome game is a fun motocross game where you should try finish the tracks as fast as you can. Here on Moto x3m 2 you can make a back flip or front flip and it will save you some time. In Moto x3m 2 you have to complete the level to be able to play on the next one. In Moto x3m 2 there are many maps to choose from so you can be picky. But as you complete the maps it becomes harder and harder. We tried back at the office to win the Moto x3m 2. It was easier said than done I tell you. Up to the 30th map it was possible but after that it was impossible. It could take hours to finish each map sometimes. We really struggled through the maps. But we never won. Long way from it actually. But you learn from your mistakes and become a bit creative when it comes to new ideas of how to move forward. It takes time and patient. We don't usually spend weeks testing games but Moto x3m 2 was a real challenge. Some of us became upset of how to win the maps. Moto x3m 2 was like a test of who was the best racing player. So some people took it kind of serious. Well spent I don't know. Maybe should have developed something more meaningful for the site instead of trying win the game. But we always want our users to be happy with games we upload. We hate companies and sites who are just spamming out games likes it was no tomorrow. Thousands of games could be uploaded on the site in a couple of days. Which I think it ridiculous. Because you didn't have time then to try them out. That's wrong in my opinion. I didn't hold me to the topic, sorry but I can't stress this enuf. We really spend hours to find the best games. Back to the game... Hopefully you have a better success in Moto x3m 2 than we did XD.


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