Bubble shooter

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Bubble shooter
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Bubble shooter

Shoot the bubbles before they touch the ground. If you fail doing that you die. In This is why it's so important to kill all of the bubbles in Bubble shooter. You use your mouse when you aim and you left click to shot. It's very easy to shot but to hit all of the bubbles before one of them hits the ground is much harder here at Bubble shooter. Bubble shooter is a loop which means that there is no levels Instead the bubbles will never stop coming. This makes it even more difficult in Bubble shooter because now you have to be all the time ready and focused on shooting down the bubbles. One little mistake in Bubble shooter and you know what is coming... Bubble shooter was one of the first games we uploaded on to our site. May you ask why I write this now? It's because we want to reach out to more people like you. Many people who love playing games don't find the ones they like. They are browsing through different gaming sites for good games. With little results. We wanted to create the best gaming platform for online games. handpicked games. it takes hours to find the games we think will fit Playnowforfree. We don't want to upload thousands of games like some gaming sites do. We want quality games. It may sound cheap but it's true we want the best games on our site. Because we know how irritating it's for searching for fun games and never finding them. Maybe you find a couple of games that are fun after some time searching. But we want you to spend less time searching for fun games and instead spending more time playing them. That's what we stand for. Only the best games. Bubble shooter is maybe a bit mainstream but it doesn't matter for us because we want to bring the best games. So you don't have to spend time visiting other sites. Instead you have all your favorite games here at playnowforfree.com. We don't want to take more of your gaming time. Let's play Bubble shooter.


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