Boxhead 2

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Boxhead 2
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Boxhead 2

Boxhead 2, Fight against zombies and see how long you can last. In boxhead 2 you can play alone or with a friend. You can play a lot of different tracks both old and new ones. Your goal is to kill all the zombies. There are endless waves of zombies and your job is to survive as long as you can. You start with just a regular pistol but as you kill more and more zombies you can pick up boxes that contain better and stronger weapons. As you kill more zombies faster, you will get weapons like bazookas and even a ray gun. You can set up mines and explosives as different traps for the zombies to walk in to. You have to be prepared for the bigger zombies because they can shoot you. These big red zombies are like some kind of bosses that will make your job a lot harder. It is a lot easier if you choose to play Boxhead 2 with a friend because then you can come up with different strategies and kill even more zombies. There are a lot of strategies that you can use, try to figure out some good that works for you. I used to take all the easy zombies while my friend takes all the big red (dangerous zombies). It really works for us. I love this game because that you can actually kill your friend. If you're not coordinated enough then you might kill your friend. If you kill your friend, then your friend will respawn after a short time but if you die before your friend respawns then you will lose. And you have to be smart because it will get a lot harder for you to kill all the zombies if your friend dies. What are you waiting for? Go and kill some zombies.


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