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Angry Birds GO
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Play through the Angry Birds GO by completing the levels. Play against the piggies who will do everything in their power to stop you from achieving what to have tried to hard to reach. Play through some serious hard levels as you reach obstacles in Angry Birds GO. Obstacles that aint will be easy but you can manage it. If you play it cool, drive better than most of us. You will see how the results will come natural. If you don't I can't promise you anything then. Because it's up to you drive. Remember that this is not some regular angry birds game. You may think so because of the title but this Angry Birds GO which is not just aim with a chicken and shoot. That's easy. OK not that easy I have never manage to win all of the levels that angry birds are offering but they are easier than Angry Birds GO. That I can tell you for sure. The first times I played Angry Birds I didn't even reach to level 2. Yes you could say I'm a noobie but also that Angry Birds GO is very hard. In this case I think I'm pretty bad at driving with keys. But the biggest thing is that Angry Birds GO is hard, very hard actually. Right now I'm at the fifth level. But I also just found this game called Angry Birds GO. First I thought OMG are you serious another angry birds game. But then when I played it a little bit I found out it was a lot of fun! Who could you think a simple 2D game could be this fun. Of course can't be compared with Grand Theft Auto or Need for SPEED. However this is not a game played on a console or gaming computer. You don't need to have a fast computer to play Angry Birds GO. That's the beauty of this game. -Keep on Playing


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