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Agario, the player plays as a circular cell, the goal is to eat other cells and become bigger. The biggest cell will be shown in the agario leaderboard like me. Your job is to eat other cells and try to not be eaten. You can divide yourself in two by pressing the space bar. This is good if you try to eat smaller cells. Smaller cells are faster but you can eat them if you time the split well. You can also shoot little pieces of you, this is good if you try to make an other cell smaller. A little hint is to use the green things. These green things will make you smaller if you are bigger than them and you try to eat them. Like myself you should try to be the biggest cell in the game (agario). This is of course if you play free for all (FFA) like I am. You can also play in teams or other game types in agario. You can play this game as a guest but if you sign up as a member you can choose different skins on your cell. As a guest in agario you will be given a random color every time you play. In agario (as a member) you can collect points and then have your cell painted with your country's flag or a cool monster or even a fruit. The most expensive one is called spy and then you look like the background. This is awesome because the other cells will have a harder time to see you. They will see you but if they aren't careful you could eat them before they even blinked. It's hard to be the biggest cell but if you are as good as me on this game then that wont be a problem. Agario is one of my favourite games. Good luck.


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